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An important event took place in our company – the project for the treatment of industrial wastewater was approved by the Skolkovo Commission, in connection with which it was decided to create a new legal entity – WiseTech Research Center LLC.

The first stage on the way to the development of the project was the theoretical study of the methodology for the development of integrated evaporators, subject to the implementation of ZLD (Zero liquid discharge) technology. Then we developed mathematical algorithms and a basic software package, put into operation a pilot plant for experimental confirmation of calculations.

To date, a team of specialists with scientific (fundamental) and scientific and applied knowledge in the field of technology development and extensive practical experience in the design of  wastewater treatment complex is working on the project.

The innovation of the project lies in the integrated modeling of wastewater treatment processes. The optimal types of equipment for wastewater chemical treatment plants, mechanical filtration, reverse osmosis, evaporation and crystallization are selected with a variability check:

according to the order in which the equipment is used in the cleaning process, merging and separating streams, the possibility of obtaining marketable products from wastewater with justification of economic feasibility.

Wisetech RC is ready to offer enterprises laboratory and pilot tests, development of technology (basic design) for  wastewater treatment complex. The proposed technological solutions are based on mathematical modeling of physical and chemical cleaning processes with confirmation on pilot equipment.


A research center was opened at Wisetech Engineering.

The staff of the center actively conducts research activities, full-scale tests at a pilot plant, simulating processes implemented at an industrial plant. Pilot tests make it possible to work out the technological modes of the process, determine the optimal temperatures, operating pressure and the possibility of achieving product quality characteristics, and clarify the optimal parameters of key equipment.

The center is equipped with equipment for testing wastewater treatment processes by flotation, filtration, reverse osmosis, rectification, evaporation and crystallization of salts, installations for determining losses on ignition, drying.

We have the opportunity to analyze natural, drinking and waste water for compliance with the determined indicators to the level of hardness, alkalinity, sulfates, chlorides, iron, phosphates, nitrates, nitrites, ammonium, sodium, pH, TDS, SDS etc.

By joining forces on the way to a global goal, we strive to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships with partners and implement many unique projects.


From April 5 to April 7, 2022, the International Exhibition and Forum on Pharmaceutics and Biotechnology IPhEB Russia 2022 was held.

The event was attended by Russian and foreign companies in the field of production of APIs, raw materials, FPP, dietary supplements and vitamin-mineral complexes, supply and commissioning of equipment for biotechnological, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, research and testing centers.

Pavel Dorogobed, commercial director of WiseTech Engineering LLC, made a presentation at the conference entitled “Design of industrial production of pharmaceutical substances based on laboratory reports”. As part of his speech, he spoke about the possibilities of WiseTech Engineering LLC in the implementation of API production projects, the company’s innovations and the work performed.

“We are open to dialogue and long-term cooperation with research centers, manufacturers of pharmaceutical substances, as well as potential customers in projects for the production of chemical products and wastewater treatment for industrial enterprises,” said the head of the company.


Despite the difficult economic situation, we inform you that our company offers reliable cooperation in the design, supply of complex technological equipment with further commissioning.

We have technologies that are not inferior to foreign ones, we use the developments of our research center to solve complex production problems. Established contacts with Eastern partners allow for the supply of high-tech equipment.

We sincerely hope for a speedy normalization of international relations and wish prosperity to you and your business.


To complete projects and sell individual pieces of equipment, we created the company WiseTech Prom LLC, which is the official representative in the Russian Federation of the leading Turkish manufacturers of the following equipment, shut-off and control valves, pumping equipment, plate heat exchangers.

WiseTech Prom LLC provides delivery, customs clearance, certification and, if necessary, testing and assembly of the supplied equipment. To perform warranty and service maintenance, we have a warehouse stock of the most popular items and spare parts.


15th International Exhibition “Water: Ecology and Technology”

Participating in the exhibition, we presented wastewater treatment technologies using energy-efficient evaporative crystallization plants with a vapor recompressor (MVR) together with a representative of the world’s leading manufacturer – Piller. Our experts held negotiations with potential partners and clients.

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