MVR evaporator

Capacity from 400 l/hour up to 10 m3/hour

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MVR evaporator

Evaporators with mechanical vapor recompression MVR require low energy and compress all the secondary steam leaving the evaporator. The secondary steam is compressed to a pressure that corresponds to the temperature of the heating steam of the evaporator plant, consuming a low volume of electricity.

Model range table
Our company offers standard solutions for heat pump evaporators continuous operation mode in block-modular design
Energy consumption W/liter 400 600 800 1000 1500
Rated power kW/h 80 100 120 135 150
Dimensions LxWxH m 2×1.8×3.8 2.6×2.4×4 2.6×2.4.x4 3.2×2.6x.4.5 3.5.x2.6x.5
Process description

The principle of operation of MVR evaporator is to obtain heating steam from secondary steam by compressing it. Thus, for the operation of the evaporator, steam is required only at the time of start-up of the installation, or in small quantities during operation.

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Low energy consumption – from 60 kW per 1 ton of evaporated water

Possibility of evaporation with crystallization of salts up to 10 t/h of salt solution using only electricity in one installation

Continuous operation of the plant without the need to stop for maintenance – up to 2 years

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