Wastewater treatment, ZLD-technologies

Industrial treatment facilities

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Wastewater treatment, ZLD-technologies
Treatment of polluted water

To solve the problem of cleaning polluted water discharges from industrial production it is necessary to use a combination of several treatment methods. The choice of a scheme for the implementation of wastewater treatment is determined individually depending on the nature of the pollution, the requirements for the quality of treated water and the possibility of obtaining commercial products from pollutants.

We specialize in engineering, procurement and construction of wastewater treatment plants based on the following processes:


Filtration of mechanical impurities


Concentration of dissolved compounds in wastewater by evaporation


Separation of the solid phase from solutions by crystallization


Separation of solutions by distillation, adsorption or extraction

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Using combinations of the above processes, it is possible to obtain individual products from wastewater pollutants, which can be used or sold as an additional commercial product.

Usual pollutants are: inorganic salts, acids, alkalis, organic solvents, etc.

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