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Commissioning is a set of works on testing the installation in inert media, comprehensive testing of equipment in working media and reaching guarantee figures in terms of capacity and quality of finished products, subject to consumption standards for raw materials and energy.

Stages of commissioning works
The program

Prior to the start of commissioning, our specialists develop and agree with the Customer a program for commissioning, which specifies all the necessary requirements for personnel, raw materials and energy resources to perform work


Next, the equipment is tested on inert media to confirm the correct installation and the performance of the installed equipment. According to the results protocol is signed, and the production facility is allowed to be testing on working media

Fixing indicators

According to the results of tests on working media, all indicators of the plant operation are recorded:

  • For continuous processes for 72 hours of continuous operation
  • For batch processes within 3 work steps

In the process of commissioning, personnel are trained, followed by an exam for admission to the operation of the equipment on production facilities.

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