Technology development, FEED

Evaporation, crystallization, distillation processes, wastewater treatment units

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Technology development, FEED
The development of technological
solutions is carried out using
the following operations:
  • Calculation of heat efficient equipment
  • Calculation and modeling of heat-mass-transfer in column equipment
  • Calculation of evaporator plants
  • Simulation of crystallization processes of salt mixtures
  • Calculation of mixing devices
  • Pilot tests

For irregular cases, we make full-scale tests on a pilot plant in our R&D Center, simulating the processes implemented on an industrial plant. Pilot tests make it possible to work out the technological modes of the process, determine the optimal temperatures, operating pressure and the possibility of achieving product quality characteristics, and clarify the characteristics of key equipment.

The scope of supply of technological
process documentation

  • Process description
  • PFD, Material and heat balance
  • List of key equipment
  • Questionnaires for the standard equipment
  • Dimensional drawings for non-standard equipment
  • Block diagram of PLC with control loops
  • Layout

The pre-feasibility study determines the main specifications on the Project:

  • Licensor of technology is selected
  • The main technological solutions, layout, construction site, environmental issues
  • The operational safety of the project is assessed
  • Economic efficiency

Standard set of documentation
developed as part of pre-FEED work

  • Process description
  • Justification for choosing of technology
  • PFD, Material and heat balance
  • Overall layout with engineering networks and communications.
  • Basic construction task
  • Demand for fuel, energy and raw materials
  • Labor human resources
  • Calculation of the cost of capital and operating costs, the cost of production
  • Phased schedule for the project implementation
  • Technical task for engineering
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